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Month: September 2021

How auto insurance protects drivers and passengers in Oregon

Motor vehicle accidents happen every day on Oregon roads. In addition to expensive property damage, these accidents also result in serious personal injuries to vehicle occupants and pedestrians. Auto insurance plays a key role in protecting accident victims from financial hardships. The safety net of insurance Bankrate explains the risks drivers face when they take to Oregon roads without insurance.…

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What do you know about spinal cord injury treatment options?

After a catastrophic injury, medical professionals diagnosed you with a spinal cord injury. You know you have a legal case, but you may not know what the road to recovery looks like for a severe injury. Mayo Clinic breaks down spinal cord injury treatment options. Determine which course of action to consider for your legal case. Early treatment When patients…

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What kind of fractures can result from a motorcycle accident?

While riding a motorcycle is a very fun and freeing experience, you do face a risk of serious injury. This is especially true when sharing the road with careless drivers, who might not notice your motorcycle until it is too late. While many types of injuries can accompany motorcycle accidents, fractures are particularly common. According to the Cleveland Clinic, bone…

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