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Month: January 2021

Injuries after getting pinned in a wreck

Getting pinned in a wreck is terrifying. A pinning accident occurs when the occupants of a vehicle are pinned or trapped between the vehicle and another object in some way. Unfortunately, these accidents are also often fatal. If they are not deadly, they typically result in catastrophic injuries. Below are a few common injuries resulting from pinning accidents. Burns There…

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3 ways an attorney can help with your accident claim

You might be reluctant to hire a personal injury attorney following a serious accident. You may think it won’t be worth your time. You might think your insurance provider will give you all of the coverage you need. Maybe you’re worried about what other people may think of you. There’s a misconception that seeking compensation through a personal injury lawsuit…

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How can your brain injury impact memory?

After suffering from a head injury, you may also suffer from brain trauma. This can impact many of your mental faculties. For many victims, memory damage is the first big impact that you may notice. But how do brain injuries affect memory? How long does it take your memory to return to normal? How brain injuries affect memory The Model…

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