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Month: May 2020

Wrongful death jury awards can help families recover

Families dealing with accidents involving the loss of a loved one can require a great deal of time to recover. One of the reasons that juries reach multi-million dollar verdicts is to help surviving family members cope both financially and emotionally. Not only do painful emotions surge, but many families also struggle to cover unexpected medical and burial expenses. When…

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A full courtroom: personal injury cases with multiple parties

Personal injury cases are more complex than people realize. Beyond the negotiations, motions and legal context, there is one main complicating factor: the number of parties involved. In general, personal injury law seeks to make injured people whole again. The court’s role is to facilitate this process by discovering, among other things, who is responsible for the losses. The adversarial…

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Why are fatal bicycle crashes rising?

As the weather improves, you may find yourself more inclined to travel by bicycle, but new statistics regarding cyclist fatalities in America suggest you would be wise to exercise extreme caution when doing so. The number of cyclists dying on the nation’s roads has climbed considerably in recent years despite the fact that many communities have taken efforts to become…

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