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Month: January 2020

Oregon auto insurance requirements

Almost every state requires drivers to carry a minimum amount of insurance coverage. Oregon’s insurance laws make sure each driver can meet his or her responsibilities if he or she causes an accident. Furthermore, the law also provides protection for each driver. explains that the legal requirements for insurance include a minimum coverage for uninsured motorist, personal injury protection, and bodily…

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Helmet failures in motorcycle crashes

Motorcycle enthusiasts across Oregon already know that the state requires them to wear a helmet. Because cyclists face inherent dangers due to total-body exposure, covering the head may offer a measure of protection against a crash. What happens, then, when a helmet fails to protect the driver during an accident? There are some common answers to this question. The staff…

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What is strict liability?

When buying a product, you never expect that it will harm you or your family. However, dangerous products make it to the market all the time. Before a recall occurs, you could use the product and suffer harm. This is why there are product liability laws in place in Oregon. These laws can help you to hold the manufacturer of…

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