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Month: April 2021

3 causes of distracted driving in Oregon

Distraction is a major cause of motor vehicle accidents in Oregon. Despite awareness campaigns to reduce the occurrence of distracted driving, it still presents an extreme risk to both distracted and attentive drivers. In addition to creating safety problems, failing to pay attention to the road can lead to civil liability and even criminal charges. Here are some examples of…

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Caring for a loved one paralyzed in an accident

Physical injuries from car accidents can range from minor whiplash to a severe traumatic brain injury. Spinal cord injuries including paralysis can permanently alter a person’s life and jeopardize their independence. Oftentimes, victims’ families assume the task of providing care and support for their gravely injured loved ones. Adjusting to major changes can take its toll on everyone. Families that…

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Are motorcyclist injuries increasing in Oregon?

Whether you regularly or occasionally ride your motorcycle, you need to understand the prevalence of accidents involving motorcyclists. Every year, many people suffer serious injuries while riding a motorcycle, from accidents caused by drunk drivers to poor road conditions and a host of other factors. Sadly, many reckless drivers collide with motorcyclists. There are many reasons for this, including losing…

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