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Month: May 2022

Why fatigue is a risk for truckers

When you get behind the wheel of your big rig in Oregon, you have the responsibility of driving safely and attentively. Fatigue can disrupt your focus and replace your confidence with incoherence. Understanding just how dangerous fatigue is might give you the incentive to avoid exhaustion. Prioritizing your sleep and complying with all federal guidelines can lower your risks of…

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3 situations where a vehicle is more likely to hit a bicyclist

Bicycle safety should be on everyone’s minds, regardless of whether they themselves are cyclists or not. Knowing how to avoid a bicycle accident is important because it is perfectly legal for bikes to share the road with motor vehicles, with some rare exceptions. While biking can certainly be fun, convenient and sustainable, cyclists do stand to sustain catastrophic personal injuries…

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What could stop a product liability claim?

Product liability can lead to the manufacturer or some other responsible party having to pay you for injuries you sustained from using the product. However, you may not always have a valid claim. The Oregon State Bar explains there are some things that could invalidate your case and leave you liable for the incident that caused your injuries. For this…

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