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Month: September 2022

Can poorly loaded cargo cause an accident?

When you hear of truck accidents in Oregon you probably think of factors like distraction or fatigue as being the cause. While these are common causes, poorly loaded cargo can also present a significant accident risk. Improper loading techniques, lackluster securing procedures and driving too fast for the weight of your load can all cause cargo to shift. When this…

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Catastrophic dangers to warehouse workers

Employees who toil in warehouses are essential. Without them, products of all kinds would never reach consumers. Individuals earning paychecks in distribution centers deserve the respect of everyone. The reason for this is that their jobs present particular danger. While not every incident is debilitating, many are life-altering, even deadly. Awareness of the potential for personal injury is vital for…

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How do I learn about recalls?

When a product malfunctions or otherwise becomes dangerous, the company will usually issue a recall notice. While these stories often make news headlines, what happens if you do not pay attention to the news? How can you learn about recalls? According to the United State Department of Transportation, you should check for recalls on government sites at least two times…

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