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Month: February 2021

Review the Oregon license restrictions for teen drivers

Earning a driver’s license can be an exciting rite of passage for teens, but as a parent, you probably have concerns about your child’s safety behind the wheel. According to the Oregon Department of Transportation, the state’s graduated licensing program has reduced fatal accidents among teen drivers by half since it started in 1989. Review the restrictions of the graduated…

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Reducing product defects begins with quality control

When a defective product makes its way into a consumer’s hands, it can cause inconvenience for the manufacturer. However, depending on the product, its use and the type of defect, bad products could cause serious consequences for end-users that sometimes result in life-altering injuries or death. Government entities such as the Consumer Product Safety Commission, oversee a number of products…

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In what way can products be defective?

When a product has defects, this can cause a lot of problems for the market. Buyers may end up suffering injuries that leave them with trauma. Sellers can end up losing enormous amounts of money and having to discard tons of product. In order to help cut down on these issues, it is important to identify where product defects may…

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