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Can poorly loaded cargo cause an accident?

On Behalf of | Sep 26, 2022 | Truck Accidents

When you hear of truck accidents in Oregon you probably think of factors like distraction or fatigue as being the cause. While these are common causes, poorly loaded cargo can also present a significant accident risk.

Improper loading techniques, lackluster securing procedures and driving too fast for the weight of your load can all cause cargo to shift. When this happens, you could lose control of your rig and end up in a serious accident.

Loading cargo

As a truck driver, you might carry only one type of cargo or you may transport mixed loads. According to the website, sometimes shippers will have their own methods for loading cargo onto your truck. Even though they may appear unwilling to consider another option, it is ultimately your call when it comes time to load. You operate the truck and you know the most appropriate way to distribute the weight in your trailer.

Some things to keep in mind during loading include the following:

  • Favor the front of your trailer for the heaviest items
  • Evenly distribute the weight from left to right
  • When stacking, put the heaviest items on the floor
  • Know your truck’s towing capacity
  • Familiarize yourself with your truck’s chassis system

Securing cargo

Equally as important as properly loading your cargo are the methods you use to secure your load. You should tie everything down and secure it the tightest you can. Prior to leaving on your trip double check your load and make sure all fastening components are secure.

If you plan to drive a long distance, it is wise to check on your load each time you stop. Verify that everything remains secure. This is especially important if you make stops along your route to deliver some of the cargo you carry.

Paying attention to the loading and securing techniques you use can protect you from some of the risks of driving a long-haul truck.