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Injuries after getting pinned in a wreck

On Behalf of | Jan 22, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Getting pinned in a wreck is terrifying. A pinning accident occurs when the occupants of a vehicle are pinned or trapped between the vehicle and another object in some way. Unfortunately, these accidents are also often fatal. If they are not deadly, they typically result in catastrophic injuries.

Below are a few common injuries resulting from pinning accidents.


There are many flammable materials in cars. These substances might not always lead to an explosion, as depicted in popular media. However, they often lead to serious fires that lead to burns, smoke inhalation and other trauma.

Burns are among the costliest injuries to treat. Convincing an insurance company to give you adequate compensation may require a fight.

Brain injuries

One of the reasons you might remain trapped in a vehicle would be if you lost consciousness. Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is often associated with loss of consciousness.

TBI leads to many different kinds of disorders. Some necessitate life-supporting treatment. Others require surgery. All of them involve a large amount of fear and uncertainty, which adds to the emotional burden of your injury.


Such violent accidents can cause broken bones in a person’s arms, legs, ribs and more. While broken bones tend to heal normally, complications such as neurovascular and soft tissue damage and infection can occur. These complications can delay recovery and lead to long-term complications.


Your temporary or permanent disabilities might qualify you for government benefits. Insurance company representatives often attempt to frame this in such a way that would relieve their policyholders of responsibility for your injuries. While you might deserve government benefits for your disability, you certainly deserve the compensation you are due by law from anyone who caused your losses.

You don’t have to go it alone

This is far from a complete list. Each injury has a unique outlook that would correspond with your exact diagnosis, age, health level and other factors. Treatment of these injuries is often costly. Please understand the total cost of your accident before you agree to an offer from an insurance company.