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Which teen drivers are most likely to crash?

On Behalf of | Nov 26, 2019 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Anyone who operates a vehicle faces the risk of colliding with another driver, but certain age groups face an especially high likelihood of crashing. For example, teenage drivers are involved in a large number of auto collisions, and among teens, there are certain groups who are particularly likely to become involved in a wreck. This post will review some of the threats that certain teen drivers face, but it is imperative for all teens and the parents of young drivers to focus on prevention.

Among teen drivers, a lack of driving experience is associated with many of the motor vehicle collisions that occur. Young drivers may make key mistakes while driving, such as pulling out at a crowded intersection without looking both ways. They may have more difficulty identifying potentially hazardous scenarios on the road and avoiding accidents. Moreover, simply operating a vehicle is often more challenging for those who have not spent very much time on the road.

Aside from teens who have recently received their licenses, other groups are especially likely to crash. For example, teenaged males are more likely than teenage females to become involved in an auto accident, and many of these crashes are the result of alcohol use or reaching excessive speeds. Furthermore, it is vital to recognize that teens who drive with other teenagers in the car are more likely to crash. Many teens enjoy driving with their friends or regularly bring their friends to school or various activities, but this can lead to distracted driving and affect their ability to focus on the road.