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Skilled Representation For Victims Of Vehicle Defect Injuries

Not every accident is the result of driver error. Mechanical failures claim their share of victims as well. Motor vehicles are complex machines, and a breakdown of an essential component can be disastrous. If you’ve suffered an accident due to an auto defect, you probably feel betrayed by the company you trusted to sell you a safe product.

But just wait until you try to confront that huge corporation; you’ll see a side of that company that’s not featured in car commercials. These companies are notorious for running up litigation expenses and attempting to “run out the clock” on plaintiffs to force them to settle for less than their cases are worth. At Usera & Snow, P. C., our attorneys know their tactics and are prepared to counter them. Fortunately, they have the experience to square off against major corporations and hold them accountable.

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Defective Parts Lead To Accidents And Wrongful Death

In 2014, General Motors was in the headlines for a defect in its ignition switch that is currently linked to 57 deaths. The switch was observed to fail while a vehicle was in use, cutting electricity to power brakes and power steering. Another part failure that made news was the Toyota accelerator pedal that would allegedly stick in a depressed position, preventing drivers from slowing down or stopping. This problem is alleged to have caused 89 deaths between 2001 and 2010. Other parts that are prone to defects include:

  • Air bags
  • Brakes
  • Child safety seats
  • Seat belts
  • Tires

Companies issue recalls when there is evidence that defective parts may harm consumers. But, recalls are expensive and are easily interpreted as an admission of liability. Companies often wait quite a while before mounting evidence compels them to recall cars. In the meantime, casualties start to add up.

Who Is To Blame In An Auto Defect Case?

Automobile manufacturers are strictly liable for defects. That means that you don’t have to prove that they were negligent in designing or manufacturing the part; you only have to show that a defect existed and the defect caused your injury. A notable exception to this rule is when negligent repair caused the defect. If your mechanic got a perfectly good set of brakes from the manufacturer and installed them improperly so they didn’t function when called upon, the mechanic is at fault for introducing the defect. As you can imagine, these cases often involve a great deal of finger-pointing among defendants. It helps to have an experienced car accident lawyer on your side so that the right parties are held accountable.

Meticulous Investigation And Dedicated Resources

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