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Construction Site Accidents And Third-Party Liability

At the Salem law firm of Usera & Snow, P. C., we provide representation to Oregon workers and residents who have suffered injuries in construction accidents as well as families that have lost loved ones as the result of hazardous conditions on construction sites. Ours are experienced personal injury and wrongful death attorneys, striving to help injury victims receive compensation for their financial, physical and emotional harm.

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Construction Accidents

With sharp tools, loose materials, heavy machinery and exposed wires, construction sites are dangerous places where accidents occur with alarming frequency. If you were injured as a direct result of one of these hazards, you may be entitled to compensation. Common causes of construction site accidents include:

  • Falling scaffolding
  • Loose wires, causing electric shock
  • Crane accidents, including those involving negligent or reckless operation
  • Hazardous waste spills
  • Welding rod accidents
  • Defective or malfunctioning equipment
  • Noise damage

After a construction worker has been injured on the job, filing a workers’ compensation claim is one means of receiving compensation for damages. However, in certain situations, the laws of personal injury may apply for additional recovery after an injury has occurred. For example, while general contractors have a legal obligation to ensure that a construction site is safe and that work is done in a competent, careful manner, far too frequently, general contractors cause subcontractors to sacrifice safety in favor of speed. This unfortunate phenomenon, coupled with the fact that many different contractors often work in close proximity to one another, may give rise to third-party liability lawsuits when people are hurt on or around construction sites.

Also, for both construction workers and passersby, if the property owner failed to properly warn of a dangerous hazard or if someone not working for the company, such as a supplier or contractor, caused an accident, a construction injury claim may go hand in hand with a premises liability claim or a third-party negligence claim. Our attorneys possess the knowledge and experience to recognize the true depth of your personal injury issue, and they will thoroughly investigate the cause of the incident so that you may recover the maximum amount possible for your construction-related injury.

Construction Defects

In some cases, people are hurt because of faulty or careless building construction that manifests only after a building is already in use. Our firm represents people injured as the result of construction defects, including poor workmanship or construction quality by contractors, design defects, material failures, subcontractors or material suppliers’ defaults, departures from plan specifications and building code violations.

Retain Experienced Legal Counsel

If you or someone you love has been injured in a construction site accident, it is imperative to retain experienced legal counsel. Third-party liability claims are likely to be complex, but they can significantly increase the amount of compensation available to you. Ours are effective personal injury lawyers, always working to maximize recovery for our clients. Please call us at 503-868-4822 or contact us online for a free initial consultation.