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Defending Individuals Charged With Serious Crimes

Our attorneys at Usera & Snow, P. C. in Salem provide effective and professional criminal defense representation to Oregon residents charged with serious crimes, including the most serious Measure 11 crimes such as homicide and rape. Harsh consequences are attached to felony Measure 11 charges. By providing supportive, steadfast legal counsel, we strive to minimize these consequences as well as the fear, stress and anxiety inherent to a criminal trial.

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Oregon Ballot Measure 11

In 1994, the state of Oregon passed Measure 11, a statutory enactment that establishes mandatory minimum sentencing requirements for certain violent crimes and sex offenses. If Measure 11 applies to the crime charged, the sentencing judge cannot give a lesser sentence than that mandated by Measure 11; furthermore, a prisoner’s sentence cannot be reduced below the prescribed minimum for parole or good behavior. Also, Measure 11 applies to all defendants over the age of 15, meaning that juveniles ages 16, 17 and 18 who are charged with these crimes will be tried as adults.

Crimes Covered By Measure 11

  • Murder, attempted murder and attempted aggravated murder
  • First- and second-degree manslaughter
  • First- and second-degree assault
  • First- and second-degree kidnapping
  • First- and second-degree rape
  • First- and second-degree sodomy
  • First- and second-degree unlawful sexual penetration
  • First-degree sexual abuse
  • First- and second-degree robbery
  • First-degree arson
  • Compelling prostitution
  • Use of child in display of sex act

High Bail For Measure 11 Crimes – No Bail Bond In Oregon

If you are arrested for a Measure 11 crime or other serious felony, you will likely be booked and brought before a judge the next business day. If you are held in custody, a bail amount will probably be set. Oregon does not employ a bail bond system; rather, you are required to post 10% of the bail amount. For example, on a $30,000 bail, you would need to post $3,000 in order to be released. Measure 11 crimes come with especially high bail amounts; however, after a bail reduction hearing, bail may be significantly lowered depending on the crime. We work to lessen bail amounts as much as possible, increasing the likelihood that our clients will be able to stay at home during trial proceedings.

Plea Bargains

Often, with serious crimes, the state will not readily negotiate plea bargains, and prosecutors will pursue maximum prison sentences. Never forgetting the magnitude of the charges at issue, our lawyers will comb through the prosecution’s evidence in order to reveal weaknesses in the state’s case and develop a compelling litigation strategy. Through diligent investigation and preparation, they may be able to obtain a negotiated settlement of a Measure 11 charge, resulting in conviction of a lesser offense with lesser penalties.

Assertive Representation

If you or someone you love has been charged with a serious crime or a Measure 11 felony, you need zealous advocacy on your side. Please contact our firm online or call 503-868-4822 for a free initial consultation regarding your charge or arrest. We offer a 24/7 answering service for criminal cases.