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Negotiating For You After A Bicycle Accident

Cycling in Oregon continues to gain popularity as a form of transportation and exercise. This increased enthusiasm for bicycling means more bicycles on the road and, unfortunately, more injured cyclists. The implementation of bike boulevards and road safety measures to prevent bicycle accidents has slightly decreased accidents, but cyclists are still struck by motorists with alarming frequency.

Injured in a bicycle accident? You need our experienced attorneys at Usera & Snow, P. C. Based in Salem, they help injury victims recover compensation after accidents.

Numerous Threats On The Road

Other motorists, unsafe road conditions and even defective cycling products can injure cyclists. The exposed nature of bicycling means that the cyclist is much more likely to suffer serious injuries when they’re hit by a car. If a car strikes a bicycle, there is no question about which one will suffer greater damage.

The Temptation Of A Quick Settlement

A bicycle injury can be devastating for the cyclist and their loved ones, often resulting in grievous injuries that require extensive care and ongoing treatment. After an accident you may be wondering how to pay for your medical expenses and damaged property.

An insurance company might offer you a quick settlement, which can be tempting as expenses mount. However, a quick settlement may underestimate the extent of your injuries and expenses, leaving you no options for future recourse. An insurance company wants to pay you as little as possible to close the case, which may not accurately reflect the seriousness of your injuries.

Let Us Handle The Negotiations

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