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Suffered An Injury? Seek The Help Of An Experienced Injury Attorney.

An injury can drastically change your life. In many cases, personal injuries have devastating repercussions on families. Fortunately, with the assistance of experienced lawyers like ours at Usera & Snow, P. C., you and your family can receive just compensation and move on with your lives.

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Types Of Injuries

Pursuit of compensation for a variety of injuries, from minor to severe, requires the assistance of a personal injury claim attorney. A lawyer can help you and your family secure reimbursement to pay for costly medical bills, loss of wages and other damages.

Types of injuries for which you should hire an attorney to assist you include the following:

  • Neck and back injuries: One of the most common neck injuries is whiplash. This condition occurs when a moving vehicle stops suddenly from a collision. It ranges from minor to severe and can cause temporary or long-term injury. In addition, back injuries can result from car crashes, slip-and-falls or work-related accidents.
  • Breaks and fractures: Broken bones and fractures are common after slip-and-fall and car accidents. However, they may also result from construction site accidents.
  • Disfigurement: Hazardous materials may cause disfigurement. Additionally, burns and lacerations from auto accidents are capable of leaving scars. Consult our injury attorneys immediately if you have suffered a disfiguring injury.
  • Dismemberment: This catastrophic injury is often the result of motor vehicle crashes or construction site accidents involving heavy machinery.
  • Brain and head injuries: One of the worst types of injuries you can sustain is a traumatic brain injury (TBI). This life-altering disability affects motor skills and memory and causes severe pain.

Help From A Knowledgeable Attorney

Our lawyers are ready to answer your questions and provide you with in-depth information on personal injury law. They will review your case and assist you in making the right decisions as you move forward. If you suffered a personal injury in Oregon, do not hesitate to contact us today online or by phone at 503-868-4822.