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Our experienced personal injury lawyers at Usera & Snow, P. C. have a wealth of experience representing clients in Salem and throughout Oregon who have suffered a wide variety of losses, including those stemming from wrongful deaths and catastrophic injuries.

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Wrongful Death Recovery

Prematurely losing a loved one in a fatal accident is one of the most difficult situations that a family can face. While grieving, you must also worry about how your family will deal with new financial burdens. With the help of a Salem attorney, a wrongful death claim may allow surviving family members to recover costs for medical services, burial and funeral costs, medical bills, expected future earnings, loss of companionship, loss of benefits, loss of inheritance, pain and suffering, and mental anguish. Our attorneys understand the emotional and financial challenges that you are facing during this painful time. They offer compassionate support along with effective legal representation aimed at holding the responsible party liable for the loss that your family has endured.

Most of the time, a wrongful death action must be commenced within three years from the time that the injury causing the death is discovered or reasonably should have been discovered. Therefore, it is imperative to begin building your claim as soon as possible. Please contact our offices for more information about wrongful death claims.

Catastrophic Injuries

Our Salem personal injury lawyers have extensive experience assisting clients who have suffered serious injuries due to accidents caused by the negligence or wrongful act of another. Catastrophic injuries often require long-term care and treatment. Therefore, in order to obtain maximum recovery in a personal injury lawsuit, it is necessary to account for not only past and present damages but also future expenses as well.

Types Of Serious Injuries

Serious injuries may involve the following:

  • Brain injuries: A traumatic brain injury (TBI) occurs when a sudden force, impact or shaking damages the brain. TBIs can range from minor concussions to hemorrhages to injuries causing a permanent vegetative state or coma. Symptoms of TBI may vary depending on the severity of the injury and the part of the brain that was affected. If you or a loved one suffers a head injury, it is important to carefully observe unusual behaviors and sensations, such as changes in mood or sleep patterns, blurred vision and loss of taste or smell.
  • Spinal cord injuries: Severe spinal cord injuries (SCIs) may result in loss of feeling and functionality of limbs and, in some cases, acute respiratory problems. The most serious SCIs may lead to paralysis, including paraplegia, which affects the lower extremities, and quadriplegia, which affects all four limbs and the chest, neck and head.
  • Severe burns: Severe burns caused by motor vehicle accidents, defective products or hazardous environments are among the most painful and debilitating injuries that a person can sustain. Treatment for severe burns often involves extended hospital stays, rehabilitation and reconstructive surgery.
  • Fractures: A hand, wrist or arm fracture can occur as the result of many types of accidents. Some fractures can be severe and may require extensive reconstructive surgery. While some fractures involving the bones in the leg, foot or knee can be treated with a lightweight cast and crutches, fractures that are more serious may require surgery and extensive physical therapy. Furthermore, using crutches or a wheelchair can severely limit a person’s mobility and make it difficult to complete everyday activities.

Seek Experienced, Effective Representation

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