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Why fatigue is a risk for truckers

On Behalf of | May 25, 2022 | Truck Accidents

When you get behind the wheel of your big rig in Oregon, you have the responsibility of driving safely and attentively. Fatigue can disrupt your focus and replace your confidence with incoherence.

Understanding just how dangerous fatigue is might give you the incentive to avoid exhaustion. Prioritizing your sleep and complying with all federal guidelines can lower your risks of an accident because of impairment.

Life-threatening consequences

When you think of impaired driving, you probably think of someone operating a vehicle after drinking some beer. However, did you know that driving tired can have a similar effect? According to The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, impairment after 17 hours awake mirrors a BAC level of 0.05. This number increases to .10 after 24 consecutive hours awake.

This means that, if you continue to drive past a certain point, your level of impairment could have consequences as serious as a drunk driver’s. Make sure you know your employer’s guidelines for resting between shifts so you can comply and stay safe from the risks of overexertion.

Life-changing repercussions

If you get into a truck crash because of fatigue, the repercussions could be life-changing. You might face costly fines, job loss and even incarceration if your actions injured or killed other people.

Your vigilance in following safety protocols can help you maintain a responsible driving disposition. Participating in training at your place of employment can also help you learn strategies for improving your driving. Coupled with a healthy lifestyle and enough rest, you can perform your driving duties with confidence and efficiency.