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Are you likely to recover from a cerebrospinal fluid leak?

On Behalf of | Jul 6, 2021 | Injuries

Even a low-speed motorcycle crash can leave you with catastrophic injuries. If you hit your head in a collision with a distracted driver or someone else, you may be vulnerable to a cerebrospinal fluid leak. This type of injury is a medical emergency, so you must seek prompt diagnosis and treatment.

The cerebrospinal fluid that envelops your brain and spinal cord delivers nutrients, removes waste and provides some cushion for your central nervous system. The impact of a motorcycle crash may cause the membrane that secures cerebrospinal fluid to rupture, causing clear fluid to leak through your ears or nose.

What are some symptoms of a cerebrospinal fluid leak?

According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, cerebrospinal fluid leaks often mimic less serious medical conditions, so you may have to be persistent with your doctor to receive the correct diagnosis.  Nevertheless, in addition to clear discharge, a cerebrospinal fluid leak is likely to cause you to experience headaches. You may also have blurred vision and ringing in your ears.

How do doctors treat cerebrospinal fluid leaks?

In minor cases, cerebrospinal leaks resolve on their own without medical intervention. If your injury is moderate or severe, though, you may require a surgical repair. Doctors may also prescribe intravenous medications to treat the condition.

What complications are common with cerebrospinal fluid leaks?

If you do not receive prompt treatment, you may be vulnerable to a variety of leak-related complications. Seizures, meningitis, other brain infections and even paralysis are possible. Your prognosis, of course, depends on the seriousness of your injury, your overall health and your treatment plan.

A serious cerebrospinal fluid leak or one that causes complications may signal an end to your motorcycle adventures. Ultimately, though, you may be able to pursue financial compensation for your injuries from the person who caused or contributed to your crash.