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How road rage causes accidents

On Behalf of | Jun 1, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Feeling irritated and annoyed at another driver is a common experience, but sometimes those feelings go too far.

Road rage is a serious concern for anyone on the road. It is usually defined as reckless driving involving someone following or purposefully irritating another driver, which can escalate into the potential for a crash the longer it goes on.

Here are a couple of ways road rage contributes to car crashes.

Ignoring traffic signals

According to NBC News, many drivers with road rage frequently do not stop at stop signs or red lights. Their focus on catching up with another driver causes them to endanger others on the road.

Many people with road rage cut off other drivers or dart out in front of them before they can turn.  Abrupt lane switches or sharp turns onto a lawn or sidewalk to cut around a corner can indicate a serious problem. Not only does this lead to car crashes, but it can also lead to accidents involving pedestrians on a sidewalk or other area.

Escalating the situation

Traveling far over the speed limit can significantly increase your risk for a crash or injury. Once someone with road rage catches up with a person, he or she may exit the vehicle. Physical assault with a weapon or other item can leave you with serious injuries.

What starts out as a minor irritating incident can become a life-threatening situation. If someone is yelling out a window, cursing or swerving while trying to keep up with you, it can signal that this person has road rage issues. Knowing the signs of road rage can help you stay safe while driving.