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Two motorcycle accidents reveal possible legal responsibilities

On Behalf of | May 11, 2021 | Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle crashes on Oregon roads happen quickly and often lead to serious injuries or deaths. In some cases, the injured person is the victim of the bad decisions of other drivers or mechanical problems.

While always scary and sometimes tragic, a motorcycle crash often reveals important aspects of legal responsibilities for various parties.

Mechanical issue cause of an accident on Highway 26

KTVZ News reported on a motorcycle accident that critically injured a man riding with a large group of motorcyclists in the afternoon. Authorities reported that the man’s rear wheel locked up for unknown reasons. The machine skidded and then rolled several times. The accident occurred on U.S. Highway 26 north of Prineville.

In cases of mechanical issues, it is important to determine what caused the problem. A manufacturing error or faulty work by a mechanic could result in a personal injury lawsuit.

Speed and alcohol possible factors in Portland accident

A Portland area news agency reported on a motorcycle crash that injured two on a Sunday night. The driver of the motorcycle was a 43-year-old individual who suffered a life-threatening injury. A passenger on the back of the motorcycle also received injuries.

Authorities investigating the accident reported speed and alcohol as possible contributing factors. In cases such as this, the passenger on the motorcycle could have a legal claim against the driver if the driver did not exercise due diligence or the duty of due care.

Vehicle operators who violate the law and an accident and injury occur may be held liable for damages even for passengers riding with them. Manufacturers and mechanics also have a responsibility to ensure their work results in a vehicle operating safely. Negligence at any stage could end up in court if these actions result in damage to persons or property.