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Review the Oregon license restrictions for teen drivers

On Behalf of | Feb 25, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Earning a driver’s license can be an exciting rite of passage for teens, but as a parent, you probably have concerns about your child’s safety behind the wheel. According to the Oregon Department of Transportation, the state’s graduated licensing program has reduced fatal accidents among teen drivers by half since it started in 1989.

Review the restrictions of the graduated licensing program to help your new teen driver stay safe and focused.

What is the provisional driver’s license?

Teens can apply for a provisional Oregon driver’s license at age 16 or 17, as long as they have had an instructional permit for at least six months. During the permit period, they must complete either an approved driver’s education course and 50 hours of supervised driving practice, or 100 hours of supervised practice without course completion.

What are the Oregon restrictions for teen drivers?

After passing the driver’s test, teens with a provisional license cannot drive between the hours of midnight and 5 a.m. for the first six months unless they are traveling to or from work or an official school event or are with a driver age 25 or older. They cannot travel with any non-family passengers age 20 or younger unless accompanied by a parent, stepparent or legal guardian.

For the second six months of the provisional license period, teens can have up to three passengers age 20 and younger. The overnight driving restrictions remain in place.

Until your teen turns 18, he or she cannot use a hands-free device to make phone calls or use voice commands behind the wheel. Oregon prohibits smartphone use without a hands-free device for drivers of all ages.

Following these rules can help protect your teen from serious auto accident injury.