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Preparing for wintertime riding with good tires

On Behalf of | Nov 10, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Riding in the wintertime can increase the risks of getting into a motorcycle accident in Oregon. One way that people can protect themselves is by assessing the condition of their bike tires.

People who understand what to look for when checking their tires can make sure they do not miss any critical points.

Breaking in tires

Brand new motorcycle tires can take some getting used to. At first, they may seem rigid and stiff. Ride Apart suggests that people allow a break-in period where they test their new tires and get used to their function. The tread surface requires about 100 miles to “scuff in” and acclimate to a rider’s style and movement. As such, experts recommend that people practice extra caution when accelerating, braking and turning for the first while after getting new bike tires.

If people anticipate needing new tires before the winter season hits, they would benefit from making that investment well before the weather turns cold. This will allow them ample time to break in their new tires before road conditions worsen.

Tires and cold weather

When the weather is cold, people will notice their bike tires may feel different. According to Ride Apart, tires have to reach a temperature of 135 degrees Fahrenheit before they respond optimally to the asphalt. While their tires warm to an appropriate temperature, people should drive carefully and refrain from any sudden movements.

If the weather ever reaches a point where riding a motorcycle is not safe, people should find a safe place to park until road conditions improve. When excessive snow, slush or ice compromise safety, people should use other forms of transportation when possible.