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Wrongful Death: Emotionally Charged And Legally Complex

On Behalf of | Sep 18, 2020 | Harris, Wyatt & Amala, LLC

The death of a loved one is devastating to a family. When the loss was caused by negligence, grieving family members want more than answers. They want justice.

While numerous personal matters require attention, retaining an attorney to pursue a wrongful death claim may be necessary.

What to Know Following a Tragic Loss

Oregon law places certain limitations on wrongful death cases. In addition to a time limit, only certain people are eligible to be plaintiffs in a lawsuit. Those include immediate family members such as parents/stepparents, spouses, and children/stepchildren.

While those close to the decedent need time to process the tragedy, time may be of the essence to start a lawsuit. Oregon statutes provide a time limit of three years in most cases, with some exceptions.

A wrongful death action starts by taking inventory of the loss and selecting the right attorney. Because this is a civil, not criminal case – although they can occur concurrently – monetary compensation for the fatal injury to a loved one is possible.

Nothing can bring back the death of a loved one. Money, while making life easier for a family who may have lost a primary wage earner, cannot replace the personal loss. However, sending a message to a reckless individual or large company can go a long way in preventing future negligent acts that result in fatalities.