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4 innovations that can prevent truck crashes

On Behalf of | Mar 20, 2020 | Truck Accidents

Even though large trucks are a common sight on roads across America, many passenger vehicle occupants do not feel safe around them. According to a recent AAA survey, 61% of adults feel safer passing other passenger vehicles than they do passing tractor-trailers and other commercial vehicles.

Drivers fear that truckers’ blind spots and low visibility could result in a dangerous maneuver, or that the truck will drift out of its lane. Due to the size and length of tractor-trailers, drivers worry that these factors could cause a serious or fatal crash.

The good news is that technology in trucks may reduce the number of crashes significantly. reports that these four innovations for commercial vehicles can make the roads safer.

  • Electronic stability control

For over a decade, ESC has been stabilizing top-heavy passenger vehicles such as SUVs and pickups and preventing rollovers. Soon, this technology may be mandatory for semitrucks.

  • Automatic brakes

Another innovation people have begun requesting in passenger vehicles is also available for large trucks: automatic braking systems. Not only do these crash avoidance systems send alerts to the drivers when objects are in their path, they also apply the brakes if a trucker does not respond quickly enough.

  • Continuous remote data feed

Sensors and cameras in the cab of large trucks can identify potentially dangerous driving behaviors such as speeding, sudden braking and swerving. These types of issues can trigger video monitoring that allows professional data analysts to assess trucker behaviors and identify dangers such as distraction and fatigue.

  • Eyelid monitoring

This innovation goes even further with cameras that monitor the eyelids of truckers and provide alerts when there are signs of drowsiness or fatigue.