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How can truck drivers prevent jackknifing accidents?

On Behalf of | Sep 26, 2019 | Truck Accidents

Trucks can cause accidents for many reasons, but one of the most dangerous is when a truck jackknifes. Commercial drivers are supposed to be trained to avoid this dangerous situation, which can occur when the trailer of the vehicle is moving more quickly than the cab.

The term jackknife come from the shape a pocketknife makes when it folds. That “L” or “V” shape forms an angle of plus or minus 90 degrees that is out of line with the main cabin.

Trucks may jackknife due to:

  • A sudden reduction in speed
  • Poor traction
  • Improper breaking

Commercial drivers should be trained to prevent jackknifing

In many cases, commercial drivers are trained to avoid jackknifing or to maneuver out of one if the trailer begins to swing. How do they do that?

Some methods to prevent jackknifing including:

  • Using the brakes over time instead of applying brake pressure quickly
  • Maintaining slower speeds based on the conditions of the roads
  • Preventing wheel lockup
  • Being extra cautious about driving slowly or slowing down over time when carrying a light load

If a driver is not familiar with these tips or other methods for preventing jackknifing, then they may cause one and impact many people on the roads.

Why are jackknife accidents so dangerous?

The main reason is because so many people could be involved. A trailer swinging across a highway, for example, could impact multiple vehicles and cause a pile-up collision.

If you’re impacted by a truck accident, don’t feel that you have to handle the situation alone. Your attorney can help you seek fair compensation.