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Take legal action if you’re hit by a driver while on a motorcycle

On Behalf of | Jul 3, 2019 | Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents happen often across the country, and most are caused by a single mistake: pulling out in front of a motorcyclist. In many cases, drivers miscalculate how fast the motorcyclists are going or may not see them at all. This leads to the driver pulling out into the motorcyclist’s path and causing an accident.

As you probably know, a motorcyclist who is hit in this manner is likely to be thrown from their motorcycle, to hit the vehicle head-on or to be run over after laying down the motorcycle to try to slow down rapidly. In worst-case scenarios, the impact is fatal. In others, the rider or riders are badly hurt and need emergency care right away.

What do you do if you’re hurt in a motorcycle crash?

If the driver stays at the scene, they should call 911 for you, even if you’re able to get up after the collision. It’s necessary for you to go to the hospital to have a medical exam. You could be fortunate and escape with minor injuries, but it’s more likely that you’ll have some injuries that need treatment as they emerge later when your adrenaline wears off.

Talk to the driver and take note of their information. You will need their insurance information to file a claim. You can call your attorney to give them this information so that they can start a claim for you while you focus on your recovery in the hospital. Your attorney will gather documents for the case as they become available, so you have more time to spend on your recovery and other sudden changes in your life.