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Parents, talk to your teens about safe driving

On Behalf of | Sep 12, 2018 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

As the parent of a teen driver, it goes without saying that you’ll have some fears every time they take to the road. While these fears will eventually subside (to a certain degree), there are things you can do in the meantime to help your teen stay safe on the road.

Here are seven teen driving safety tips to discuss as soon as possible:

  • Buckle up: Seat belts save lives, so make sure your teen is wearing one of these every time they hit the road.
  • No distractions: Talk about the most common types of distractions and the risks they cause. From texting to conversing with passengers, any distraction can cause trouble.
  • Slow down: It’s always a good idea to drive the speed limit, but teens often lose sight of this simple fact.
  • Be prepared for everything: Let your teen know that they need to be prepared for anything and everything that could come their way while driving.
  • No drinking and driving: You hope your teen doesn’t drink before they turn 21, but you know it’s a possibility. Be sure to discuss the perils of drunk driving.
  • Watch for inclement weather: From rain to sun glare, there are many weather conditions that make it more difficult to drive safely.
  • Change your style when driving in traffic: It’s not always easy to drive in heavy traffic. Talk about the style changes your teen can make to avoid an accident.

If your teen driver is part of a car accident, find out what went wrong and then learn more about the steps you can take to help protect their legal rights.