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How good of a place is Oregon for drivers?

On Behalf of | Aug 3, 2018 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

For drivers, there’s a lot to like about Oregon, according to recent reports.

In a report from earlier this year, WalletHub ranked Oregon in the top 10 for best places in the U.S. for drivers. Specifically, the state was ranked 6th. It ranked higher than all of its neighbors. The category that Oregon did the best in when it comes to this report was cost of vehicle ownership and maintenance.

Oregon also made the top ten in another driving-related report from WalletHub from this year. That report was on the best places for teen drivers. Oregon was ranked the 7th most teen-driver-friendly place in the nation.

What about driver safety? In both reports, safety was one of the categories that was looked at. Unfortunately, Oregon did not do as strongly in safety as it did in its overall rankings. In the report on best places for all drivers, it ranked 21st in safety. It ranked 19th for safety in the report on teen drivers.

So, it appears that, while Oregon is one of the better places for drivers here in the U.S., it does fall behind a fair number of states when it comes to traffic safety. What improvements would you like to see in Oregon in upcoming years when it comes to traffic safety?

Traffic safety issues can have very big impacts, as motor vehicle crashes can subject individuals to a wide range of harms. When individuals are hurt in crashes, they may find it helpful to seek out professional guidance on what legal remedies may be available.